The purpose for wanting to do a website is simple.  I believe that knowledge is power.

My intent is to give you the knowledge to take care of your hair, from the shampoos and conditioners to styling products, to blowing and styling your hair.


Cary Ferrin at Mosaic Salon

1410 SW 11th Avenue

Portland OR 97219


Women’s Haircut                             $50

Men’s Haircut                                  $35

Color retouch                                    $55

Color all                                $55 & up   *

Highlights                             $85 & up   *

Smoothing Blow Out            $75 per hour

plus Recommended Shampoo.

Chemical Straighten                       $100

Perm’s                                 $95 & up   *

*Depends on amount and length of hair

Streamlined In-Between Services

Women’s dry cut                    $35

**Come to the salon with clean dry hair

Partial highlights                    $50

(10 packets strategically placed)

Partial retouch                         $35

*(1/2” or less)

  1. * If more than 1/2” another $10 may be added for cost of product.

**   This is only to maintain a haircut.  If we are taking off more than 1” then a regular haircut will have to be scheduled.

These services do not include blow dry.  Color services include a wash.  Add $20 f you choose to have a blow dry and please let me know when you make the appointment so I can schedule the appropriate time.


Feel free to browse the website and hopefully you will find the answers to your questions.  If not, please email me you question and I will post it in the FAQ section.

Thank you for visiting and good surfing! 


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